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I don’t know about you but this lockdown has meant my average weekly screen time has gone up dramatically. Evenings that would have been spent at the pub with my friends, sipping a large glass of the house white wine, seem to have been replaced with sipping a large glass of any white wine whilst sat on the sofa scrolling. If this is ‘the new normal’ I want to make sure that my newsfeed has a positive impact on my day and brings me joy. The best way to do that? Think of your newsfeed as an art gallery curated by you, for you, to benefit you! Revolutionary ey!? Anyway, here are some feel-good-follows you might like to have a look at.

1. Dudette with a Sign – @dudettewithasign

You’ve heard of Dude with a Sign, but have you heard of Dudette with a Sign? Her simple and direct messages held up on cardboard say what we are all thinking. 

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Finally got off the couch though

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2. Henry Fraser – @henryfraser0

After dislocating his neck in 2009, Henry Fraser became paralysed from the neck down yet he never let this hold him back. An unbelievably talented artist, he uses his mouth to hold the paintbrush and produces beautiful work for all to marvel at.

3. Bryony Gordon – @bryonygordon

Journalist, podcaster, runner and all round good human. Bryony Gordon openly talks about mental health and  helps spread the message of body positivity by dancing in her bra & pants whilst not caring who’s watching. Her content is hashtag relatable.

4. Hip N Happy – @hip.n.happy

Mathilda is a Holistic Health & Life coach whose captions are genuinely like a mini therapy session to help you through your day. Whether it be a post about the importance of connecting with nature or the benefits of looking inwards, her page fills me with joy. 

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You do you ✨🕊🌞 ——————————— I believe it’s so important (always but particularly in these times) to be aware of how we are digesting social media. I know that lots of people who I have been talking to have been falling into the trap of social media unconsciously seeping in to our minds and conditioning leading to feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and a whole case of the ‘shoulds’. ✨ The one that has been coming up the most for clients, friends and family of mine is our daily ‘routines’. ✨⠀⠀ I often worry about posting the specifics of what I do with my health, wellness, spirituality, creativity in apprehension of triggering these aforementioned feelings within other people. So I just wanted to remind you all to treat anything you consume on social media as a sort of ‘take it or leave it’ invitation. ✨ Take ideas from the people you follow, play around with them, if they feel good then you can integrate it into your life, if they don’t feel good then LEAVE IT. And feel confident about leaving it, not guilty, not inadequate, not that you really should’ be doing it. ✨⠀⠀ I wake up each morning and ask myself: ⠀⠀ – What do I want – What do I need – How can I serve myself and others ✨⠀⠀ And then you can go about your day in accordance with what comes up. And this will be different every single day. So don’t worry about your days having the same exercise plan, the same foods, the same rituals, at the same time, every single day. Because we are HUMANS we are not robots. And we have different wants and needs every day. It is your job to tune in to YOU. Honour YOU. ✨ Wake up in the morning, place a hand on your heart and understand where your day needs to take you in order to best support yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually. ✨ What people share on their social media is an offering, an insight into what works for THEM, an invitation to you as a possibility that it perhaps might help you too, but if it doesn’t THAT IS FINE TOO! You do you. ✨⠀⠀ Let Instagram inspire and uplift you. Not drag you down into the depths of self berating. We need now more than ever to be looking after ourselves, and offering ourselves tenderness and love ❤️ Go gently.

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5. Celebs on Sandwiches – @celebsonsandwiches

Some might call this niche but it’s the content you never knew you needed.

6. Dogs in Food – @dogs_infood

More of the same…

7. Kanye Doing Things – kanyedoingthings

…and once again, niche content.

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Kanye reading a tiny dictionary

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8. Charlie Mackesy – @charliemackesy

Author of The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse, his drawings give me hope and happiness. Captioned with beautiful calligraphy this account is a celebration of the small stuff that makes a big difference.

9. Katie Spak Art – @katiespakart

A recent discovery but a good one. The female form in all its glory – I would quite like all of her drawings up on my walls. 

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10. Brian Bilston – @brian_bilston

Some girls get excited about the 70% sale on I get excited when Brian Bilston publishes a new poem. Always funny, always clever. This account is full of wit and wisdom and I really hope it brightens your day.

By Philippa Strahan

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