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I am really starting to get used to this way of life, however the feeling of guilt and a sense of helplessness does cross my mind frequently. But we need to remind ourselves that by isolating and helping those in need, we really are doing our part. We all know the importance of supporting local and independent businesses through this time and like many industries our contribution is necessary for years to come. This includes the world of print publications, who have been heavily hit by the current climate. Most of us have a little bit more time on our hands and would love the company of a nice glossy magazine or newspaper, so don’t forget to pencil them onto your weekly shopping list.

It has been a vicious circle of unfortunate events for print publications, as they are dependent on a series of events that need to take place in order to get the publication from print into our homes. Covid-19 has managed to ruin every link of this chain; from the printers to the distributors, the shops to the public footfall required to purchase these copies.  

The dependency on footfall for publication sales is a contributing factor to their decline, especially for the likes of the Evening Standard who relies on commuters picking up the free copy from tube stations across London. The newspaper has cut distribution to 500,000 copies, tried a home delivery service for ES magazine and furloughed many staff.  But life would never quite be the same if we no longer got handed a copy of the publication on our way home from work. We can help prevent this by continuing to read the E-Edition online. Many other newspapers are also beginning to push their readers to the tablet and smart phone editions, which is hugely preferable to the publisher.

On the other end of the spectrum are the glossy magazines that provide us with the ultimate inspiration and escapism. Whether you pick one up in the supermarket or take up the ease of home subscription delivery, there is no excuse for abandoning your favourite monthly magazines. Now is the best time to subscribe and read those magazines cover to cover. Those of you who are less old school and would prefer to read digitally then online issues can be downloaded as well.

Many publications have announced digital issues in response to the current climate. British Vogue’s May & June issue, Another Man’s Summer/Autumn 2020 issue and Dazed’s spring/summer 2020 issue are a few that are now free to download digitally for the first time ever. Dazed Editor-in-Chief, Isabella Burley announced the choice is a ‘gift to all of our readers who are facing a whole new king of present in the wake of this crisis.’ 

If you don’t want to see the end of your favourite newspaper or magazine then make sure to support them during this time and pick up a copy. They are sure to brighten your day and provide some at-home entertainment during this continued period of isolation. The World Health organisation have also confirmed that newspapers and print publications remain safe to read during this time and ‘the risk of contracting COVID-19 through receipt of a printed paper is infinitely small.’ So now there really are no excuses!

By Annabel Rodick

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Annabel Rodick
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