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Sometimes, cooking with the purpose of pure comfort and satisfaction is the way forward, especially at the present time. Below, I’ve listed 5 of the most mouth-watering, classic, satisfaction-heavy meals to tickle your tastebuds. Get cooking!

Fish and Chips 

Modern English cuisine reflects the various cultures and ethnicities which enrich our society today. A fusion of tastes which trace their origins back to the colonial days of the British Empire. The list of more traditional, native English foods reads like a who’s who of much loved winter warmers. Steak & kidney pie, sausage & mash and Sunday roast, to name a few. Jostling for pride of place on the mantelpiece with England’s other traditional favourites, fish & chips is a well respected juggernaut of the comfort food world. Whether it be takeaway or home made, the nostalgia of fish and chips is undeniable, conjuring up memories of childhood trips to the beach or Fridays at school. The naked chef himself has written loads of great recipes over the years but if you’re looking for specifics, Jamie Oliver’s ‘Jamie’s Dinners’ is a real winner. Best consumed with copious amounts of alcohol and no plans. 


Like players in a rugby union team, pizzas come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From the fully loaded Dominoes Mighty Meaty to the classic margarita from Pizza Express and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. A home made attempt means you get to decide where your pizza fits on that scale. Like Jackson Pollock staring at a blank canvas, the opportunity for creative chaos presents itself. Whether it be pepperoni (legendary status achieved) or pineapple (welcome to Broadmoor) there is no end to the various and potential combinations of ingredients. There really is no hard and fast way to go about this but for a great dough recipe I’d look to BBC Good Food to get you out the starting blocks. In the immortal words of celebrated genius Albert Einstein “creativity is intelligence having fun”. Be smart with those combos and the flavours will look after themselves. 


From sweet churros and turrón to stunning seafood and tapas, the exuberance of the Spanish people is reflected in their cuisine. A mixture of old world and new traditions, Spanish food has been shaped over the centuries through a complex history of invasions and conquests, as well as the prevailing climate and geography. As important to Spanish culture as Matadors and Raúl, Paella is Spain’s National dish and rightly so. A genuine food medley if there ever was one, the scope to add a whole host of weird and wonderful ingredients makes the dish what it is. The food equivalent of a Flamenco dance, this crowd-pleaser always takes centre stage at international food festivals or street feasts. For a great recipe check out ‘A Bird in the Hand’ by Diana Henry. Though more well known for it’s general chicken recipes, the paella recipe in here is out of this world. Provecho!

Kofta Burger 

There’s a lot to be said in life for an old classic. Unchallenged, unchanged, the original and best. 

The list of classics is extensive but somewhere near the top I’d expect to see a dish synonymous with the American dream. Nothing says the USA quite like a good old fashioned Stars and Stripes double bacon cheeseburger. Every once in a while, however, a new player rears it’s head to challenge the status quo. To poke a finger at the establishment. To test an old-school classic. Enter the beef kofta burger from Sabrina Ghayour. A Middle Eastern twist on the all-american staple. Spices and herbs combine to form a new school fusion capable of converting even the most traditionalist food connoisseur. The Five-Guys-esque cheese filled classic will never be knocked off its perch. Neither Shake Shack nor Byron. However variety is, as they say, the spice of life. 

Club Sandwich 

Day one on holiday. No sun cream – check. Sprawled out on a deck chair by the pool like an overly optimistic beached whale. You draw the attention of a waiter and order a nice cold pint of lager. Now we’re talking. There’s only one thing missing from this picture and it ain’t a good holiday read. The missing piece of this fabulously British jigsaw puzzle is a holy grail of holiday grub. The Club Sandwich. While there are no rules to this free-for all, bottoms up, food bonanza, there are some rules. Triple deck, chicken, lettuce, tomato and bacon are a must. The fried egg is also an absolute essential. After that it’s time to get creative. We’re talking condiments, extra meats, the often whispered about but rarely ever seen fourth deck. I’m not going to point you in the direction of any specific recipe as it would be against the nature of the club to be confined to a page. Sun’s out, Club’s out. 

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