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What if I told you that gratitude was holding you back? Seems counterintuitive, right? Let’s delve into it. I’ll be briefly discussing why I believe appreciation is better than gratitude

Many of us were raised to believe that gratitude and appreciation are the same thing. Not entirely. I look at it like this: Gratitude is the training wheels and appreciation is when you take the training wheels off.

Appreciation is about living in the present. When you appreciate something, there is no cloudiness stemming from the past. All of your feelings are drawn from the now. It’s a feeling that naturally springs from within. This is the way to truly live without fear and limitations. The air of security and attentiveness it brings you can be sensed and acknowledged by those around you.

Gratitude, on the other hand, carries the signature of past struggles we’ve overcome. The feeling of gratefulness always involves something or someone else. It’s as if you’re forced to feel it due to a favourable outcome that exceeded your expectations

for e.g. I am grateful for someone for having taken care of me, but I appreciate the serenity of my home this morning 

Why is it important to distinguish between the two?

Every action you take creates your memories and shapes your tomorrow. The universe holds your desires until you’re ready to claim it, but you must release yourself from the shackles of the past. Or maybe there’s a machine that can change the past that I don’t know about? I didn’t think so either.

“When you are blinded, you have no sense of direction.”

Gratitude is necessary and natural, but it’s important not to hold onto it for too long. Holding onto past situations, good or bad, can blind you to the growth that’s taken place in the now. When you are blinded, you have no sense of direction.

A good method I use to make peace with the past is to practice the 48 hour rule. Put simply, I don’t dwell on wins or losses for longer than 48 hours. What’s done is done and there’s absolutely nothing any of us can do to change it. Staying consistent with this practice has allowed me to always be looking forward to the next challenge, which keeps me in a state of giving and receiving.

By Moey

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