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A collection designed by the youth, for the youth.

Luxury streetwear brand, Linney London, launches its first drop of unique, handmade garments on the 4th of October. The bespoke collection, which is designed and created in London, will consist of three items: a one-shoulder crop top, tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie.

We asked founder and creative director Chess Linney some questions about her background and why she started the luxury brand:

What’s your background and what inspired you to start the brand?

Whilst working for a fashion PR agency based in Shoreditch, I was given a unique insight into how brands are able to utilize social media and influencer marketing techniques to promote their latest collections. I was fascinated to learn how such simple, yet effective methods resulted in memorable and unique campaigns. I thoroughly enjoyed the more creative aspects of the role as well as meeting up and coming professionals.

This experience complimented my enthusiasm for UK youth culture and inspired me to start creating my own collection. I have found this process incredibly rewarding as I have seen my ideas progress into garments that I am proud to wear.

What have been the biggest challenges on your journey so far?

It has been somewhat of a challenge to start a business during the pandemic as there have been various unexpected challenges along the way. Finding the right manufacturer has been the largest obstacle to overcome as production lead times have changed and been extended due to various issues along the supply chain. It has however always been important to maintain the ethos of the brand to ensure the quality of the garments is maintained, whilst also achieving a comfy fit. This process has taken an extended amount of time but was necessary in order for the quality of the clothing to mirror consumer expectations. From the initial phases of launching the brand, I have placed emphasis on the importance of each garment being locally manufactured. 

Why should young people be excited about LinneyLondon?

The aim of my first capsule collection was born out of a desire to offer a fresh take on streetwear for the younger generation. The collection aims to inspire and unite people together with a common sense of style and comfort. It is essentially a brand designed by the youth for the youth, ensuring nothing but the highest quality garments and a nod to the brands 90s grunge influences.

What have you got planned for the future?

The future direction of the brand will look at releasing a limited number of items for different seasonal drops throughout the year. Each collection will comprise of two to three tracksuits, different variations of top’s and t-shirts with plans to offer accessories also. Following our first launch, I look forward to expanding the sizes available to reach a fully inclusive range of clothing.

More details about the brand:

The collection is inspired by youth culture with the desire to offer something new to the younger generation, ensuring nothing but the comfiest fit. Available in sizes small, medium and large, these items are a wardrobe must have to enhance your look.

‘It’s amazing to be launching Linney London, a collection inspired by my love for fashion and streetwear which is something I’ve been passionate about for years. It’s surreal to view my ideas turn into a unique collection and I’m excited for the future of the brand. Each collection aims to inspire and unite people together with a common sense of style’ said Linney London’s Founder and Creative Director, Chess Linney.

The first collection offers a limited drop, consisting of three garments in three colourways. Each garment is handmade by our London based manufacturer. It is extremely important that each garment is made in the UK as well as using the highest quality fabrics to create the perfect fit.

The first drop consists of a one shoulder top, tracksuit bottoms and hoodie. Each item can be found in one of the three colourways of white, black and baby blue in sizes S-L.

Each of the sets has its own name:

White (Kai)

Baby Blue (Cora)

Black (Miya)

To find out more about the new collection and Linney London, visit:

Find LinneyLondon on Instagram:

For more information, please contact:

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