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Today is my one-month anniversary of being at home. During this time, I have had the pleasure of wearing a random assortment of loungewear from my wardrobe every day. The comfier alternative to my usual weekly attire has definitely been a treat, but wearing wearing an old school jumper and running leggings doesn’t exactly scream ‘Friday feeling’, does it? I must admit, I miss the Friday morning struggle to pull together an outfit suitable for both breakfast and dinner, trying to make that balance of desk to drinks… surely I am not the only person who does this?

With this in mind, we shouldn’t be looking to buy loungewear online anymore, instead turning our focus to those summer days approaching. Treating ourselves to a new summer-inspired piece to love and give us a feeling of excitement and positivity. Whilst the chance of wearing these clothes outdoors remains unassured, a hopeful mindset provides a refreshing break from the ordinary during these times. The same feeling you get when you find that perfect outfit for a big event or party – it makes you that tiny bit more excited, doesn’t it?

With AW20 collections in full flow, colourful and inspiring summer pieces are now fully immersed in our online shopping feeds. The runway was filled with warm sunset tones of pink, red and orange, and has since begun to radiate our wardrobes with joyous colour.

Meanwhile, those who may naturally shy away from a brighter colour palette are also well suited as more neutral, calming hues were also very prominent.

For all those polka dot lovers out there – this is your time. The pattern was echoed continuously on the catwalk and can easily be transferred into everyday life. Admittedly, this is not my favourite design but that’s the beauty of fashion, you wear what makes you happy and since there are a multitude of trends per season, you have the privilege to pick and choose what you like!

Check Mate

Check mate. That’s right, checks are in too. Big checks, little checks, whatever you fancy and the beauty of this print is that lots of us might have some of it stored away in the loft or stuffed at the back of the wardrobe. It may not be that chic piece you are looking for, but nothing a pair of scissors and a needle and thread can’t change. Whenever I find old fabric, I tear off a strip and whip it in my hair, or since we have a bit more time on our hands, perhaps add some elastic to make a scrunchie?

To top it off sequins were seen EVERYWHERE, and it is time to get that shine on. Bring out those pieces stored away for the festive season or invest in a little more sparkle. This may be a bit daring for some but I promise by adding a bit of a twinkle, your outfit won’t just brighten up but also you day. Is it crazy to envisage that once we are back to reality everyone will be so ready to dress up again that we will be OTT 7 days a week? If not, that solves my Friday morning dilemmas, sparkles to work it is!

By Annabel Rodick

Annabel Rodick
Author: Annabel Rodick

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