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I think it’s fair to say that there are some pretty obvious similarities between the U.S.A’s 45th President, Donald Trump, and the U.K’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. For one, they clearly have the same hair stylists (who seem to be competing over who can do the worst job). 

There is another similarity that is terrifying but not in a stylistic sense, their blatant disregard for the people they were elected to protect. From Trump’s joyride whilst still infectious with Covid-19, to Johnson’s fraternal protection of his friend, Dominic Cummings. Both men have chosen to bend the rules for their, or their friends’, favour.

By capitalising on a pandemic, some have earnt unfathomable amounts of money whilst others have suffered physically, mentally and financially. The disparity that is present in today’s world between those making the decisions and those affected them is something I never thought I would be witness to, nor something that should occur in such a progressive and equality driven age.

As we know, Trump was admitted to a very swanky hospital after contracting COVID-19 due to his initial thoughts that this was a hoax set on the world from *China*. He did not abide by the etiquette of mask-wearing and furthermore went for a drive, putting all of those around him at risk. Yet, somehow some people still admire him. But those who don’t admire him or his courageous ability to fight off the disease, those who have lost loved ones, those who are vulnerable or those that have taken the right actions are entirely within their own right to be furious.

The blatant disregard for regulations shown by POTUS is horrifying. It is the most obvious of signs that those in power are able to do exactly as they please, when they please. These situations are not just present in American politics, they seem to be present in nearly every country at the moment.

Whilst the likes of Hancock and Johnson continue to scold us for our carelessness, they and their associates continue to flounder the very same rules we are punished for “not” obeying. I am not just referring to Dominic Cummings or Margaret Ferrier, who the police recently decided not to prosecute for travelling out of London after testing positive and apparently not to have broken any laws. However, I know people who have moved around, broken lockdowns and received heavy fines. I am referring to the move that is happening in front of our eyes. A move towards authoritarianism, hidden agendas and propaganda.

MP Toby Perkins, who has experience in the sales industry, was reported to have said in an interview: “I have never come across a customer nearly as naive as … the government.” The apparent carelessness of the Conservatives at this time, who gave and continue to give large amounts of taxpayer money to corporations such as Serco or Boston Consultancy Group, shows the disconnect between politicians and people, money and health and Us and Them. If our government is fine with making bad deals with companies that are more than willing to take money and provide a below adequate service, are they really working for our benefit?  Should they really be trusted with our information and health status?

“They profit off our suffering, whilst we suffer through endless three-word slogans with no clear direction or end in sight.”

PPE and Track and Trace deals have hit mainstream media recently. This is important because transparency is key if Us, the people, are to trust They, the government. We are the ones affected most by this recklessness. Those in power, be it our government, or the corporations who are now responsible for the state of the nation’s health, do not care for the everyday person. They profit off our suffering, whilst we suffer through endless three-word slogans with no clear direction or end in sight.

Be it corporations that pump out toxic chemicals, or politicians who push rules that they themselves will not be affected by, nor will they follow. We, the people, seem to be the group that are continuously blamed and continuously suffer whilst others sit in their ivory towers. 

By Madi Apthorpe

Madi Apthorpe
Author: Madi Apthorpe

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John cena
John cena
1 year ago

This is just an excuse to dig at Trump and Boris. No real substance to this. You clearly know nothing about the U.S.A.

You haven’t looked at both sides. This isn’t about power vs the people this is just a few paragraphs of your opinion on the PM.