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During times of uncertainty we tend to lean on stable features in our lives or quick fixes to make us happy, and for a lot of us the answer is good old retail therapy.

I for one fall under this category and however hard I try not to, I catch myself browsing different online retailers without realising. But can buying something new, whatever it may be, really make you that much happier? (Suppose it depends what it is!)

We don’t want to end up coming out of lockdown with a collection of new clothes that we don’t actually need, and inevitably will end up in landfill in the next few years, oh and less money for those post lockdown celebrations. So I have devised my key tips n tricks and what I use to decide if I really ‘need’ anything new. Hopefully this gives a helping hand as I know majority of my friends, myself included are turning to the comfort of retail therapy..


When I do end up having a quick online browse and find something I love, I add it to my basket and then sit on it. Over the next few days if I am still convinced I ‘need’ those pair of jeans then I will continue to purchase, but more often than not I end up forgetting about the shopping basket and that pair of blue boyfriend jeans.


The One in One out policy. So for example your cream jumper shrunk in the wash? Perfect! You are ‘allowed’ to buy another cream jumper. You did a clear out and got rid out three white shirts? Perfect! You may buy a new white shirt. Another example could be you want to follow the latest trends and this season you decide to invest in that trench coat, but you do not already have a trench coat in the wardrobe. Then fear not all you need to do is have a rummage through items you already own to see if you can either sell or donate something else.  It is easier said than done but if I can manage to let pieces go then so can you.


I also try to imagine my wardrobe at home and then I think of three ways I can wear the item. You want to buy something with versatility, and something you will wear continuously – remember cost per wear! This is a big lesson I learnt while doing the lockdown clear out is that I get bored of pieces way too quickly. Resulting in me vowing to put everything to the test from now on and make sure that my new purchase will keep me clothed for years.


And finally, if your desired piece has reached this far then always a phone call to best friend, family or loved one for an honest opinion. For me I always ask my mum and helpfully she holds nothing back. Voila, decision made!

“Don’t get me wrong I love a good bargain but its time to be a lot more economically conscious”

I already feel these few steps have made a massive difference in my level of consumption and allowed me to use what I already have instead of turning to a cheap and accessible next day delivery buy. Don’t get me wrong I love a good bargain but its time to be a lot more economically conscious! Remember that 300,000 tonnes of clothes worth £12.5 billion get dumped into landfill yearly, and it is only increasing. So every little helps.

By Annabel Rodick

Annabel Rodick
Author: Annabel Rodick

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