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As for many of us, the diary is a little sparse this week. However, a virtual dinner party is pencilled in, and for me this is completely new territory. I realised that this time, it’s not only the host who must lay and prepare the table, but also us guests. So I better get making that setting for one…

Enough with my old table setting ways, it’s time to spruce things up a bit!

Have you ever heard of ‘table scaping’? Neither had I until recently and this is a phrase that has become increasingly popular, from designers to chefs to the perfect host. Tablescaping is the idea that you are dressing your table and place settings up for an event or dinner, and now we have the excuse to practice what we preach and experiment with tablescaping, just for our own satisfaction. Even though we’re all enjoying the comforts of wearing loungewear at home, there are a few of us who are starting to miss getting dressed up, so why not turn this energy into your table settings?

A whole host of online influencers have been turning their focus onto this over the past few weeks, with their aesthetically pleasing dinners flowing onto our Instagram feeds daily. However beautiful these may be, we might not have the same collection of unique and interesting pieces to recreate them – well I definitely don’t! However, we can still use colours and textures that make us happy to create our own inspiring setting.

Once we have picked our theme, we can start to collect items to fill the space. I have chosen the colour yellow as my focus and I want to bring in lots of fruits to fill the table as well. Secondly, we need to collect several of the following for our place settings (depending on the occasion of course); tablecloth, placemat, large plate, small plate, napkin and then any greenery or decoration. This may seem a bit over the top for a casual dinner, so these pieces can be removed and altered to suit the mood.

Due to the scarcity of my resources, colour is lacking a little so I’m planning to get seriously inventive with my decoration. My plan is to gather pieces of greenery from outside to scatter on the table, light an array of candles and add a variety flowers into vases, bottles, jam jars or anything else I can find!

If like me, you’re very much a beginner and need all the inspiration you can get, there’s tonnes of cool Instagram accounts that can help put the imagination into overdrive.

Once we master the art of tablescaping, even a casual Monday night of leftovers can easily become something special. If you’re lucky enough to be working from home, why don’t you turn every evening into a memory? That’s certainly my plan, as I attempt to create a series of charming spaces, for both the virtual and real world. 

by Annabel Rodick

Annabel Rodick
Author: Annabel Rodick

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