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Watermelon Sugar Summer

Harry Styles has graced us with his presence in his latest music video for the song Watermelon Sugar High. The video is beaming with colourful outfits, people bursting with laughter, bikinis on the beach and no one is two meters apart. This mood booster reminds us of the good times to come as we see dancing, kissing, hugging and happiness, and the glimmer of hope that reality seems to be approaching for us all this summer. The video’s opening title ‘dedicated to touch’ resonates with the viewer through the focus on physical pleasure whilst Harry Styles is keen to for us to remember the joy of being physically present. However Harry’s gentle Instagram reminder is not to be ignored: “Do not try this at home. Practice social distancing.” So for now, eating watermelons on a beach with friends will continue to remain a fantasy…

As the cast frolic on the beach in crochet bikinis, rainbow shorts and bright accessories, Harry Styles continues to stand out in his uplifting summer-filled 70’s inspired wardrobe. Harry’s stylist Harry Lambert filled the screen with pieces from Gucci’s menswear F/W 20 collection including a cropped sweater, jeans and a fringed scarf. Inspired? Yes! Finding online alternatives? Yes, yes, yes!

Esquire states ‘Styles couldn’t look more the part of a poster-boy for the new era of enlightened masculinity’, and the world couldn’t agree more. His undeniable oozing confidence is contagious to the viewer and instantly handed over as the video ends. If Harry can enjoy experimenting with style and continue to wear his signature string of pearls and brightly coloured nails, then so can we. Harry has provided the ultimate summer inspiration and it is time to say good bye to the lockdown wardrobe.  

As we view Styles’ abundance of oversized sunglasses and crochet vets, we add them to our shopping lists and realise that we should be wearing whatever brings us joy. This is what makes the styling even more beautiful; the fact that the cast are care-free and having fun, and luckily for us, that is something we won’t be needing to add to any shopping list.

The styling, the setting and the premise of touch provide the ultimate Summer’ 20 inspiration. And we should allow ourselves to be inspired, for the summer has 2020 has some realistic life left in the locker. For now though we can find any crochet, novelty accessories and bright swimwear we own and watch the video on loop. Oh, and watermelons also have amazing health benefits so don’t forget them on the list. Summer sorted! Thank you Harry Styles. 

By Annabel Rodick

For those of you that haven’t yet seen the magical music video, check it out!

Annabel Rodick
Author: Annabel Rodick

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