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Perhaps no other supplement has captured people’s imaginations in recent years as CBD. A compound derived from the hemp plant, CBD is now used by millions around the world for its reported benefits in treating myriad conditions: from insomnia and digestive problems to joint pain and arthritis, and even depression and anxiety. 

While CBD is still the subject of intense scientific study – it remains categorised as a food supplement – but the profound benefits of the supplement as attested to by millions of users has made it the most talked about development in natural health in decades.

So, what is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol which is a major compound derived from the hemp plant. Hemp is a cousin of the marijuana plant but, unlike marijuana, hemp contains very low amounts of THC (the chemical that makes marijuana psychoactive). CBD cannot make you high. 

CBD has been found to balance the mind and body and maintain natural wellbeing through its interaction with the body’s endo-cannabinoid system. This system regulates many of the body’s processes including sleep, appetite, mood, the immune system, and its responses to pain. 

Originally taken in oil or capsule form, CBD is now found in staggering variety of products including drinks, confectionary, skincare and vape e-liquids. And one company at vanguard of the UK CBD industry has become the most awarded in the industry, thanks to their unique vision for how CBD can in ways that suit everybody. 

Green Stem CBD

Green Stem CBD was founded in Guildford, Surrey in 2018 by two brothers and entrepreneurs Simon and Brett Horth. “My brother and I were seeking a remedy for our mother’s painful arthritis,” says Simon. “When we thought we’d exhausted all the natural treatments available, we came across CBD and the testimonies of thousands of users who’d claimed it had worked wonders across a range of ailments, including joint pain. After just a couple of doses, Mum’s pain had completely left her, and she could sleep well for the first time in years.”

After seeing the astonishing effects experienced by their mother, Simon and Brett knew they were on to something special. “We were so excited about CBD’s potential to help other people, enhancing their lifestyle and supporting their bodies’ natural defences, that we founded Green Stem CBD.”

To ensure their products contained only the very best CBD, the brothers went straight to the source: Colorado, USA. The sunny climate combined with clean soil, fresh mountain air and the purest water, filtered over centuries through the Rockies, produce the best CBD in the world. 

With the purest CBD at their fingertips, Green Stem CBD quickly developed a product line that has since made the company one of the most recognisable and trusted CBD brands in the UK, winning Ten industry awards at the UK CBD and Hemp Expo, including Best CBD Oil three times in a row, Best Cosmetic for CBD-infused Lip Balm and Best Edibles for their CBD fruit-flavoured Gummies.

So, who can benefit the most from CBD? “Just about everyone,” says Simon. “No matter your age or level of overall health, CBD is a completely safe way to support your body and mind’s natural balance. Even athletes can take CBD without being disqualified as it contains no psychoactive elements.” 

What form of CBD you take merely depends on what you decide best suits your lifestyle, explains Simon. “Edibles such as our gummies are delicious and effective if you’re on the go, but a drop of CBD oil beneath your tongue in the morning might well set you up for the entire day. People who exercise or do manual work would enjoy Green Stem’s nutritional skincare range, and anyone can unwind with a Green Stem tonic drink.”

Green Stem’s success may look like it happened overnight, but it’s taken an unwavering commitment to using only the best CBD in the world and providing it to customers in the safest, most beneficial and enjoyable way possible that has drawn thousands of customers to their products. 

“We don’t take our loyal following lightly,” says Simon. “It’s our customers that keep us seeking out new ways to make CBD as fun and life-enhancing as possible”

It may be too early to label CBD a ‘wonder drug’ despite its phenomenal popularity, but with companies like Green Stem CBD supplying the remarkable compound in such a dizzying array of delicious and – and effective – forms, there’s never been a better time to find out if CBD can make a difference in your life. 

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Disclaimer: CBD is currently licensed as a food product only, so NO medical claims can be made regarding CBD’s effects on health. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease.

We recommend that customers carry out their own research into CBD and talk to others who have experienced its benefits.

Green Stem CBD

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