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Mic check, 1 2. is it on?

Picture this. Complete lockdown is over. You put on your brand spanking new summer best and head out the door to finally say hello to that ice-cold pint that’s been calling your name for so long. As you swagger across into the car, you skip through your newly added playlist to find the perfect song, your breath of fresh air, your soundtrack to the end of a difficult time. 

As a DJ and part-time music nerd, I’m the kind of person who thinks about this way too far in advance. Having set up a music sharing platform on Facebook called ‘International Extraterrestrial Music’ back in 2018, these are the kinds of questions that now 3000 fellow music obsessives often ask each other. 

‘International Extraterrestrial Music’ is available to join by request on Facebook

Music for the morning? Music for the shower? Or weirder questions as far as – anyone got anything similar that sounds a bit like the cast of Jumanji falling down the stairs?

These strange quirks are what we do as a community – we share stories, pose situations and all-in-all learn through listening.

So here goes, I asked my online community of fanatics this very question and here are a couple of the finest responses for your very ears, to soundtrack that pending moment.

Underwater – Harry Thumann 

‘Can’t think of a much better song to have playing in the car on the way to the pub’ – Will Sutcliffe.

Lighting up dancefloors since 1979, Harry Thumanns tried and tested disco slammer will help you on your way. Be careful, cars have a tendency to take off and turn into spaceships once you press play.

Kay Cee – Love Stimulation (Trance Club Mix) – 1999

‘Something fairly euphoric and rolling – it doesn’t get much better than this’ – Chris Hobbs.

Courtesy gave this 1999 trance roller the credit it really deserves by slamming it halfway through her Dekmantel Boiler room back in 2019. Rolling pads and building melodic rhythms make this a perfect choice to bust out smiles and moves in equal measure – oh one thing, bucket hats and big box little box are required when listening.

Oye Cómo Va – Tito Puente

‘If the sun isn’t already beaming, she’ll have no choice when the needle drops on this beauty. One of the most infectious tracks I’ve ever heard and one that needs no introduction. An old friend for the good times, that enhances them indefinitely’ – Ollie Slaney.

Sometimes the best songs don’t need an introduction, just a friendly prod on the shoulder to remind you of their beauty. Why are both my hands in the air? Oh, right yeah, tune.

Z@P – Tracid

‘This song has been on my mind a lot lately’ – Douglas McConachie.

Pulsing drums backed by heavily emotive melodies make this a popular choice – the perfect balance between push and pull – a melancholic journey towards your final destination – that ice-cold pint.

‘I licked the back of a battery once. It tasted like this’

Everything in its Right Place – Radiohead (Joe Claussell edit)

‘Gives me goose bumps every time’ – Hough.

House mainstay Joe Claussell puts a dancey spin on the Radiohead classic you never knew needed that extra boost. I hadn’t heard this edit before, despite the original making it into my hypothetical desert island discs – genuinely giving me shivers listening to this right now – musical perfection.

I’ve added a couple myself for good measure

New Atlantic – I know

A bit like a Babybel – Desperately cheesy. Perfectly executed. A truly brilliant concoction of nostalgia, cheap thrills and uplifting motifs. I’ve had this one on repeatedly and it never fails to lift the spirits that extra mile.

An2 – The gift

Slow-paced smooth and wobbly listening. Perfect song for reflection, thinking back and looking forward. Make sure you wait until 4:28 – the first I heard it I near dropped my coffee.

By Thom Parris

Founder, International Extraterrestrial Music

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Thom Parris
Author: Thom Parris

DJ & Founder of International Extraterrestrial Music (IEM)

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