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All Wound Up is a streetwear brand with a mission: we are committed to creating sustainable and ethically produced garments that are made to last. We believe that style-conscious customers shouldn’t have to compromise between what looks good and does good for our planet. Sustainable fashion is the future and the future is now! The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, generating millions of textile waste annually. The typical textile process consumes around 40 litres of water and 40 grams of chemicals to dye and finish t-shirts. Any excess materials not used for the garment are simply discarded. Teaming up with Usha Yarns and their groundbreaking sustainability methods, All Wound Up seeks to make a change to the waste practices of the fashion industry. Using recycled cotton from cutting waste and polyester blend from recycled plastic bottles, All Wound Up t-shirts are made entirely from recycled materials. 

All t-shirts are 100% recycled.

Our clothing brand was born out of a student bedroom in Hyde Park, Leeds. We know that sustainable fashion for students typically takes the shape of thrift shopping at £15 per kilo vintage sales or endlessly scrolling through Depop – believe us, we’ve been there. Whilst second-hand clothes shopping is a great way to reduce waste, it doesn’t deal with the root of the problem. This is what we think needs to change! Our t-shirts are not only 100% recycled but of such high quality (if we do say so ourselves) that once you’ve had your wear out of them we’d love to see them circling around on Depop – follow us @awuvintage. 

Our first drop features 3 logo tees with three messages we believe to represent the brand’s style and ethos. “Time Is Money,” “One Revolution at a Time,” and “The World is Yours.” We’d love it if you could support a growing small business and grab yourself one (or maybe all three) of our logo tees! Since you’ve made it this far, we thought we’d reward you with a friendly 10% off! Just type in AWU10% when checking out to purchase one of our tees at a discount. 

‘The world is yours’ t shirt.

Don’t like what you see? Don’t worry! We’ve got plenty more designs on the way over the coming months. For all of the sneak previews of what’s to come, follow our Instagram to stay up-to-date. Our new-look site is also now live, we think it’s great, we hope you do too! Here’s the link:

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