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We want to make writing as easy as possible for you. Here’s how to write for HERD…

1. Choose a topic

The freedom is yours, but we’d recommend checking our current content for inspiration on style and substance.

2. Five minute read

This is our rough guideline to ensure your article is as appealing and engaging as possible to our readers. This usually equates to around 800 – 1000 words.

3. Title

Choose a title you feel is fitting for the article you have just written. Struggling? Drop us a message, we’re happy to help.

4. Cover photo

All articles need a cover photo. This can be an online non-copyright image, an illustration or a picture you personally own. For non-copyright images we recommend using Unsplash.

5. Links

You can embed URL links, social media posts or extra images within the article. Just include the links in your draft copy and we’ll do the rest.

6. Send it our way

Once you’ve written your article, please send your final copy to stories@herdcommunity.co.uk

7. Questions

We’re always happy to help. Just drop us a direct message on Instagram or get in touch via the above email and we’ll be able to assist you.


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