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I’m back, and needless to say there have been some healthy sessions from yours truly since YouTube’s hidden gems part one was released into the world. Yet I am still here, still bursting with hidden content to share, doing that necessary research for the all the YouTube casuals out there – once more, I am merely a messenger. I have yet again compiled a list of 5 video’s/channels which I feel deserve more recognition, some of which will raise questions in your head as to how much time I waste on this website and trust me – you don’t want to know. So warm yourself up with some Justin Bieber surprising fans compilations because were moving onto the serious stuff…

BBC 3 – Life inside Britain’s Legal Red Light District | Sex, Drugs & Murder

This will perhaps be news to a lot of people, but the industrial district of Holbeck right in the heart of the City of Leeds is the only legal red light zone in the whole country. I’m sure a lot of you were unaware that the UK even had one, but to the students and residents of Leeds, it is common knowledge. After decades of the area being notorious for illegal street prostitution and trafficking, the Leeds City council introduced the ‘Managed Approach’ scheme in 2014 after a young Polish sex worker was murdered in the area, with the aim to make it a much safer place for the women to be and work without fear of arrest, and the ability to call the police if they are in trouble. This 13 part series from BBC 3 follows and documents the lives of various women working in the area over the space of a year or two, giving us valuable insight into the daily struggles and the intense battle against addiction. It is a hard watch at points, and a harsh reality into a dark underground industry, which inevitably ruins lives. Throughout, it is difficult not to become emotionally attached to the women as the series does a great job of not just focusing on the sex work and drug addiction, but the kind and bubbly personalities of the girls desperately trying to escape that life.  

Conman: The life and crimes of Mark Acklom

It is human nature to be completely and totally fascinated with people like Mark Acklom, the UK’s most notorious Conman who for years stole millions of pounds, pretending to be someone he’s not. Starting in his teens, he convinced his school teacher to lend him £15,000 to trade in the stock market (which was ultimately never seen again), stole his fathers gold AMEX and flew him and his mates around Europe in private jets and even convinced a building society to grant him a mortgage of £500,000 for a mansion in south London, Mark Acklom epitomised the term ‘gift of the gab’. However, these crimes barely scratch the surface on what would be an entire life of crime, conning and fraud. From faking an entire marriage with no remorse to having endless different identities, this documentary short leaves you wondering: how could someone do that?

How mental illness derailed the career of a promising young skateboarder

Although this centuries generation is largely much more in tune with mental health and its affects, there still undeniably remains a huge stigma around male mental health with worryingly high suicide rates still prevalent. This documentary short delves right into that stigma, detailing the successful but short career of skateboarder Paul Alexander, who made a name for himself in the industry for his unique style and ability to land tricks others could not. He seemed destined for the very top, but a gradual decline in his mental health (largely in my opinion caused by smoking copious amounts of weed on a daily basis) resulted in the very opposite. Talking, expressing, having mates to confide in and seeking professional help are all clearly lacking whilst desperately trying to stay within the skateboard narrative of ‘cool’, even if the cost is everything.

P.s to my fellow lads, a simple ‘how are you doing mate?’ can go a long way.

Carl Cox – Space is the place

This video is usually on resident advisor’s channel but for some reason it has been taken down, however someone has replaced it and it’s linked below. Resident advisor also has loads of great content on the techno and house scenes too so explore the channel for yourself. This documentary short follows one of the greatest DJ’s of all time Carl Cox as he enters his final season of his 27-year residency at the legendary Space club in Ibiza. However, rather than solely focusing on the bright lights, hedonism and glamour that comes with being a superstar DJ, the film takes us back to Carl’s roots, exploring where he grew up in the sleepy suburbs of London and discussing the sacrifices he has made throughout the years by leading a unique life constantly on the move. Alongside this we are given an insight into his extraordinary performing talent, captivating the desperate crowds lining up for hours just to catch a glimpse of the master at work – one last time.

The detail geek

Lets finish with a silly one. I don’t know how I ended up here, don’t ask. To cut a long story short – this is a bloke cleaning dirty cars. I know what your thinking, but please watch the video linked and TELL me that isn’t satisfying. I wanted to click off, but I couldn’t, I needed to know how the car was going to look after the full clean, I was in too deep. 2 hours later and I’m still watching this lad cleaning a rusty old van that looks like a bombs gone off in it, but not going to lie – after this master cleaner is done with it – it looks like a new car. So to conclude, this guy really knows how to clean a car. So don’t be ashamed and indeed, watch him clean some cars.

By Luke Davies

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