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So you’ve seen tiger king, watched a few suggested films (enjoyed half, hated half) and tried your hardest to start a new series but ended up complaining that there’s nothing interesting on Netflix? Sounds about right. You want something new, something quirky and unique, something that makes you remember what life was like before a pandemic and most importantly, something that not EVERYBODY has seen. My slightly shameful obsession with YouTube (if you know, you know) has lead me from the deep pits of the website right to this point, I am merely a messenger.

In all seriousness, I feel as though YouTube does not get the credit it deserves. It is the only platform in the world which allows content from all walks of life to be shared free of charge, generating different perspectives for viewers, showcasing unknown aptitude and for the most part are not hindered by corporate restrictions.

Unfortunately, like almost anything, it can and has been exploited, but that hasn’t stopped some absolutely tremendous content being published exuberating positivity alongside honesty – something I think we can all agree we are lacking at the moment. Talent and creativity in YouTube’s case is hiding in plain sight, and I’m here to show you!

I have compiled a list of 5 videos/channels (all will be linked) which I feel are hidden gems, and upon reflection of this article’s success, I can add more (because trust me, I have more…).

300 days alone – Xavier Rosset

A man ahead of his time considering the current situation?

This is one of my 3am classics, whilst I’m 2 hours into a healthy YouTube session wondering how on earth I’ve ended up watching Amber and Kem’s 2018 love island story for the 4th time (I have no shame at this point). But as they say, you have to sift through the stones to find the gold, and this number popped up in my suggested on the right. As usual, I clicked and sub-consciously decided I would watch 2-3 minutes before clicking off. 52 minutes later and I’m still watching. I could write a summary for you, but I feel as though his is better:

“To tame a wild pig or build a shelter, Xavier Rosset, the Swiss Robinson Crusoe, spent 10 months in 2008 on the remote, uninhabited Pacific island of Tofua, armed only with a machete, Swiss army knife and a camera. It is perhaps the truest story between solitude and loneliness”

Surviving off the land, battling with intense boredom and doing almost anything to keep his mind occupied, follow this nutter’s journey from start to finish below (I don’t want to give too much away!)

Locked in my body – BBC3

Homage, as always, to the incredible health workers the UK is so lucky to have. 

Firstly, BBC3’s YouTube channel actually has lots of great content, from documentary series’ to interesting interviews so do check it out. This documentary short follows Terry Newbury, a healthy 30-year-old man who after contracting a seemingly harmless common cold, falls ill with the incredibly rare ‘Guillain Barre syndrome’, a disorder in which your immune system attacks your nerves.

Left totally paralyzed, Terry’s mind and senses continue to work normally, meaning he is living a human’s true worst nightmare of being literally locked in his body, but able to completely understand what’s going on around him. From being totally unable to communicate and open his eyes, and a seemingly impossible road to a full recovery being almost inevitable, watch Terry fight his way back to becoming himself again.

Bald and Bankrupt – Channel

I, like many people, am a big introvert. This man is however, not. In fact, he could be the most extroverted person I have ever come across. Coming from England but being fluent in Russian, Bald (real name Ben) started his youtube channel back in 2018 after he trusted his business with an acquaintance who subsequently destroyed it, forcing him to file for bankruptcy, hence the name (and yes, he’s bald). His content is nothing short of unique, from exploring the forgotten villages and towns affected by the 1986 Chernobyl Disaster, to drinking vodka with Babushka’s in the still radioactive zones of Belarus, to smuggling a kitten out of Cuba back to Europe and hanging out with elders in the mountains of Dagestan (literally, just to name a few), it is easy to get lost in this man’s channel for hours, and rightly so. I have linked just one of his videos below, but please, explore his whole channel for yourself…

YBS Youngblood’s – Channel

Now, I’m not usually jealous, but it is near impossible not to be jealous of this man’s lifestyle. This channel was a recent find of mine, and to put it shortly, is an Australian bloke who lives on the coast of Australia (literally paradise) with his dog Stryda. However, it is far more than that and I don’t think I’ve come across a bloke with a more infectious positive attitude. I suppose you would be when your job is to go spear fishing, shark swimming, jet skiing, whale spotting, baby turtle helping and BBQ’ing in crystal clear blue skies every day on your state of the art boat? His content is fantastic, and he comes across as a genuinely humble and good guy who appears to wake up thankful every day. If you’re looking for positivity, this is your channel… 

The Pizza Show – Munchies (Frank Pinello as host)

Like BBC3, munchies have loads of great content to explore so once again, check it out. Start to finish, this is the definition of an easy watch. Host Frank Pinello, who owns a pizzeria in Brooklyn, goes around the world discussing and tasting the best pizza in existence. Although a simple idea, the likability of Frank makes the show so interesting due to his respectful attitude to other pizzeria owners, and the sheer passion and appreciation he has for pizza and the different ways it can be made. Top tip: do not watch it at 1am because you will be STARVING!

By Luke Davies

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